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4 PRESCHOOL ACTIVITIES for Highly Classical Homes | Learn my Favorite Activities by Virtue!

SIMPLE ACTIVITIES TO DO WITH YOUR PRESCHOOLERS (Activities for curiosity, observation, orderliness, and attention) | Help your younger children thrive. Watch my quick takes on simple activities and tips for making them habitual in the education of your young children. Prepare them for classical educ...

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5 Tips to Choosing a Classical Math Program

Welcome to Verity Ed, where parents are primary!

Today I am going to share with you how to pick a math program for a classical education. By the end of this video you will know what to look for in a math program, what to avoid in a math program, and what to do if it’s not working. 

I have 15 year...
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TS Eliot for Moms

Welcome to the Verity Ed Philosopher’s Cafe! In these videos, I take a little time to share more of the philosophy of education and culture and a little less of the “how do I do this?” This Cafe is where I drink coffee or something and just wonder with you.

Today, I’m reading TS Eliot.

Have you ever l...

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Verity Ed Launch
Welcome to Verity Ed, where parents are primary! This is our launch video so you can get to know who we are and what we are building.

My name is Erika Ahern and, with my husband Todd and the support of a great community, I homeschool our six children. 

Verity Ed means TRUTH in education -- holist...
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State Compliance Tips for Transitioning to Home Schooling
Hey everyone and welcome to Verity Ed, where parents are primary -- today I’m going to give you THREE practical tips for making sure you are up on your state compliance. This is important for both NEW homeschoolers and veterans, because LAWS change.

And… it’s America. You should know the laws, becaus...
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