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What WE USE for MATH: Kinder - High School | Find Out How to Use Saxon and How It Can Work for You

Learn the tricks of the trade for NO curriculum, A Beka math, and Saxon. Looking for ideas for your child’s math program? Wondering how anyone can love Saxon? Want the inside look at math in a classical homeschool? Watch me air all my dirty laundry when it comes to mathematics, drills, flashcards, a...

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What We Use for WRITING: Kinder - High School | Learn the KEY ELEMENTS to a great writing program

Find out what programs I use. What do I look for in a writing assignment? Do you feel like your kids hate writing practice? Let me reassure you that it’s not just YOU! Writing is a skill, not a subject: HERE’S WHY!

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4 HABITS of Highly Classical PRESCHOOLERS

BEST Preschool HABITS for Your Young Children (Prepare Your Child for Classical Homeschooling Success) | Focus on preschool habits that matter. Are you wondering what to do with your homeschooled preschooler? Are you unsure if you’re doing enough? In this video I help you focus on four habits to for...

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Support Verity Ed on PATREON | Help Us Reach Thousands of Families

Welcome to Verity Ed, where parents are primary! And welcome to our Patreon Page.

My name is Erika Ahern and, along with my husband Todd, and our six children we are building Verity Ed to introduce the world to an articulate, coherent, and joyful family-based education and home culture.

After 15 years...

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Beatrix Potter Book Review

ADD BEATRIX POTTER TO YOUR HOMESCHOOL COLLECTION (Kid-Sized, Beautiful Illustrations, Great Vocabulary, Memorable Stories) | You and your kids will enjoy this book collection. Go beyond Peter Rabbit to discover more of Beatrix Potter’s entertaining, memorable, and delightfully illustrated stories. T...

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