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Homeschooling in Community? | Interview with Dee-dee Mihaliak of Adoro Te

Start a Homeschool Co-op? What does it take to homeschool in community? If I teach my children art, will they grow up to be starving artists? Erika interviews Dee-dee Mihaliak, classical homeschooler, lover of the arts, and driving force behind Adoro Te, a CT-based Catholic homeschooling coop going ...

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Homeschooling Intellectual Special Needs | Margaret Walsh of Secret Garden Educational Pathways

Support for Homeschooling Intellectual Special Needs (It is possible!) | Erika interviews Margaret Walsh, the founder of Secret Garden Educational Pathways, which provides online, Catholic, professional, individualized education therapy, supporting students with intellectual and learning challenges....

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Starting to Homeschool | A Conversation with 1990s Homeschooler and Artist Eileen Cunis

HOW TO HOMESCHOOL -- in the 90s! (See How An Openness to Homeschooling Can Shape Future Generations) | Erika interviews her mother, Eileen Cunis, about the decision to homeschool before it was cool, important influences, and how seeking the Good, the True, and Beautiful helped guide her homeschoolin...

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Montessori: WHAT and HOW | You CAN Do It! | Conversation with Author Colleen Pressprich

HOW TO MONTESSORI HOMESCHOOL (Engage Your Younger Kids) | Help your kids thrive. Do you want to learn more about Montessori at home? Watch my interview with Colleen Pressprich, a homeschooling mom of four and published author. She’s going to share her 10-year experience training in Montessori classr...

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