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What WE USE for MATH: Kinder - High School | Find Out How to Use Saxon and How It Can Work for You

Learn the tricks of the trade for NO curriculum, A Beka math, and Saxon. Looking for ideas for your child’s math program? Wondering how anyone can love Saxon? Want the inside look at math in a classical homeschool? Watch me air all my dirty laundry when it comes to mathematics, drills, flashcards, a...

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4 PRESCHOOL ACTIVITIES for Highly Classical Homes | Learn my Favorite Activities by Virtue!

SIMPLE ACTIVITIES TO DO WITH YOUR PRESCHOOLERS (Activities for curiosity, observation, orderliness, and attention) | Help your younger children thrive. Watch my quick takes on simple activities and tips for making them habitual in the education of your young children. Prepare them for classical educ...

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4 HABITS of Highly Classical PRESCHOOLERS

BEST Preschool HABITS for Your Young Children (Prepare Your Child for Classical Homeschooling Success) | Focus on preschool habits that matter. Are you wondering what to do with your homeschooled preschooler? Are you unsure if you’re doing enough? In this video I help you focus on four habits to for...

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Conventional Home Schooling (Part 1 in our What's My Style series)
Hey everyone and welcome back to Verity Ed, where parents are primary -- today I’m going to talk about different approaches to homeschooling and conventional homeschooling, in particular. 

Finding the right style for you and your family sets you up for home school success. Trying to squeeze your...
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Classical Home Schooling (Part 2 in our What's My Style series)
Today I’m going to talk about the homeschool lifestyle of Classical Homeschooling: This is Part 2 of a four-part series on different homeschool styles and how to know what’s right for YOU!

Classical education. Classical education is language-based learning that works with the natural stages of child ...
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