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Art Study with Science | How We Integrate Art, History, Nature Study, and Science | Day in the Life

Watch us complete the three basic steps of an art study with science with kids ages 4 - 13! We take a nature walk, study the work of artists from history, and then take an art study challenge to express our own observations. Enjoy this fun look at an integrated homeschool day with a range of ages an...

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A Day in the Life - Holy Week Edition! | Verity Ed Catholic Moms Club | At Home Holy Week Traditions

How we do HOLY WEEK as a Catholic homeschooling family! Learn about SPY WEDNESDAY, how to make an Altar of Repose for Holy Thursday, how to conduct a Veneration of the Cross, and make Holy Saturday HOLY. All things Catholic culture getting ready for Easter in the Domestic Church. Build a family cult...

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Day in the Life: Volcano Science | Fun Homeschooling "Lab" Science

Fun homeschooling science you can do. Make science engaging for all ages -- Pre-K to middle school! Mix art, history, and science into one activity that the kids can get excited about -- and get outside. 

Baking Soda Volcano:

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St. Patricks Day | Day in the Life: Celebrate St. Patrick with Your Kids

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St. Patrick was awesome! Enjoy some fun St. Patrick stories, coloring, and activities with your kids this St. Patrick’s day. Homeschooling is the best!


St. Patrick Coloring Page Available on Patreon:

Saints: Li...

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