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REVEAL! 3rd Grade Curriculum | Homeschooling 3rd Grade in 2021-2022

28.07.21 05:00 PM By Erika, Verity Ed

REVEAL! 3rd Grade Curriculum | Homeschooling 3rd Grade in 2021-2022

Here’s what we are planning to use for 3rd grade, 2021-2022! Check out curriculum picks, book lists, and the reason why. Quick homeschooling tips on how to think about picking curriculum. When will I know to step and back and try something new? 3rd grade, here we come! #homeschooling #curriculumreveal #thirdgrade


History with TAN Academy: 

Science with Memoria Press:

Art with Catholic Heritage Curricula:,Appreciation,Theory,andPracticeLevel2/product_info.html

Math, Theology,  and Language Arts with MODG: 

DK Smithsonian Books:


How we do MUSIC at home:

How we do HISTORY and LIT at home:

How we do THEOLOGY at home:

How we do MATH (NO Saxon in the early years!):

How we do WRITING:

How we do SCIENCE:

Memoria Press Science Review:

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