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COMMENTARY: Threats to Freedom in US Schools Are on the Rise

May 19 marked the final date Americans could submit public comments on a new rule of “Proposed Priorities — American History and Civics Education,” set forth by the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, a division of the U.S. Department of Education. 

This priorities document will be use...

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Build Your Family Culture: Part 1 | Make Your Home a Classical Home

HOW do I grow a classical family culture? (Practical Ideas for the Home) | Don’t just survive: THRIVE as a homeschooling parent. These practical tips will help you re-orient and integrate all areas of your life for stress relief at home. In part two, I talk about simple (and affordable) shifts in yo...

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College Prep: ACT vs. SAT vs. No Test | How to Choose the Right Test for Your Child

SAT vs ACT Standardized Tests for College Applications | What test is best for my student? What are the key differences between the SAT and ACT tests? Are there major benefits to the SAT over the ACT? When should I take the SAT or ACT? All the answers right here for you. Do home schoolers even need ...

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GUEST EDITORIAL: Motherhoods Greatness

Mother’s Day is likely to be a time of reunion and even greater appreciation for moms than before 2020’s pandemic. Thankfully, many families are emerging from pandemic restrictions that brought both imposed and prolonged isolations and, on the opposite extreme, many hours of quality, or not-so-quali...

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Memoria Press Literature Guides Review | High School Homeschool Resource for English & Lit Studies

What’s really inside a Memoria Press literature guide? Take a sneak peek into Memoria Press’s high school/college-prep level guides to classical literature from the Western canon for homeschoolers or any classical education students. You’ll get my take on how and when to use these…. And if the price...

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3 Preschool Activities: Gardening | Easy Outdoor Activities You Can Do with Your Preschool Children

THREE Fun Outdoor Preschool Activities (Get Outside with your STEM) | Walk with me through 3 distinct preschool activities that you can do even in a small yard or bucket of dirt! Engage their imagination and affirm their curiosity and wonder as you explore nature together. Young children begin the a...

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How To: Math Assessments and Leveling Up | How do I know my child is ready to level up in Math?

Knowing when to move on in math can feel overwhelming: let me help! I’ll show you what tests I use, the tools I look at, the signs I use to know we are ready. You can have a math vacation AND keep them on target! I also help you find good math assessments and understand how to read the results. ...

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Juliet English, Homeschooling Advocate & Veteran Homeschooler | Interview about Education & Freedom

I interview Juliet English, veteran homeschooler and homeschooling advocate from South Africa. | A transplant to the United Kingdom (England), Juliet describes the unique cultural and political challenges home educators face around the world, the role her faith plays in home education, and the conne...

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5 Outdoor Math Activities | Find New Motivation for Math Outside! | Homeschooling Math Games

FUN Outdoor Math Activities (Get Outside with your STEM) | This video shows us taking math facts, geometry, and logical reasoning outdoors to inject some fun and movement into our homeschool. Classical educators will love approaching the same problems from a different angle in these simple outdoor a...

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Writing Road to Reading Phonics Program REVIEW | Yes, You Can Homeschool Phonics

I review the complete phonics, spelling, and reading program, Writing Road to Reading! Looking for a way to decode the Writing Road to Reading? I give you my 9 - year experience and my take on how to maximize this program’s potential. This is a long-term phonics commitment, and it is worth it. Learn...

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In the Light of Christ by Lucy Beckett 60 Sec Book Review | Classical Homeschool Mom and Dad Resource

Book Review for Homeschooling Mom / If you feel like you didn’t get the education you want yours kids to have, this is YOUR BOOK! Great cliff notes for the Western Canon all interpreted in a solid, Catholic worldview. Classical education for lifelong learning at its best in this accessible work.


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Why Homeschooling and Catholic Schools? Because Children Belong to God and Their Families Not to the Government

Much has been made of the rise of home education during the pandemic. “Everyone’s a homeschooler now!” became a popular social media meme, accompanied by photos of various female Avengers captioned “How My Friends See Me Now.” 

There was some sweet, if ungodly, satisfaction for me as a long-time...

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Sound Beginnings Phonics Program REVIEW | Why Phonics is the Best Way to Learn to Read

I review the complete phonics, spelling, and dictation program, Sound Beginnings! Looking for a way to decode the Writing Road to Reading or Spalding method? Julia Fogassey does it for you and your younger students with her comprehensive, phonics-based program. I give you my experience and my take o...

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Leah Libresco Sargent, Convert, Writer, Speaker | Interview about Conversion, Education, & Community

I interview Leah Libresco Sargeant, convert and freelance writer. | We discuss in particular the Benedict Option and the role families play in building small, intentional communities. We talk about great education, cliques, and just how “open” should a small group be? Enjoy her amazing intellect and...

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Cautionary Tales for Children by Hilaire Belloc 60 Sec Book Review | Best Books for Classical Homeschooling

READ Cautionary Tales for Children, dark British humor | Perfect Illustrations by Edward Gorey | Are they really “for children”? Find out just how “dark” the Brits can get, and make your own decision. Hilaire Belloc writes hilarious (pun intended) morality tales of children making poor life decision...

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Memoria Press Latin REVIEW | What a Great Latin Program Does for Homeschooling Parents

I review Memoria Press’s Latina Christiana and the First and Second Form programs. You will see inside what these books offer and get my money- and sanity-saving tips for Latin in your homeschool! Classical education is language-based education, so make sure you watch and learn how even a non-Latin-...

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Art Study with Science | How We Integrate Art, History, Nature Study, and Science | Day in the Life

Watch us complete the three basic steps of an art study with science with kids ages 4 - 13! We take a nature walk, study the work of artists from history, and then take an art study challenge to express our own observations. Enjoy this fun look at an integrated homeschool day with a range of ages an...

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An Easter Octave Guide for Catholic Families

Alleluia! Christ is risen!

Instead of one day of Easter, Catholics enjoy eight octave days of feasting. Sustained partying requires careful planning and self-pacing to avoid merriment burnout. Follow this guide with your family to maximize... Read more at the National Catholic Register

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Homeschooling in Community? | Interview with Dee-dee Mihaliak of Adoro Te

Start a Homeschool Co-op? What does it take to homeschool in community? If I teach my children art, will they grow up to be starving artists? Erika interviews Dee-dee Mihaliak, classical homeschooler, lover of the arts, and driving force behind Adoro Te, a CT-based Catholic homeschooling coop going ...

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Its Time to Build That Library

I ban books.

In my 15-year reign as queen of the house, I have exercised with Draconian vigilance my right to decide what literature my children will and will not encounter. Amazon, controlling a measly 80% of the market at most, has nothing on my market share, which is 100%.

Parents know wh...

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