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Memoria Press Latin REVIEW | What a Great Latin Program Does for Homeschooling Parents

I review Memoria Press’s Latina Christiana and the First and Second Form programs. You will see inside what these books offer and get my money- and sanity-saving tips for Latin in your homeschool! Classical education is language-based education, so make sure you watch and learn how even a non-Latin-...

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Art Study with Science | How We Integrate Art, History, Nature Study, and Science | Day in the Life

Watch us complete the three basic steps of an art study with science with kids ages 4 - 13! We take a nature walk, study the work of artists from history, and then take an art study challenge to express our own observations. Enjoy this fun look at an integrated homeschool day with a range of ages an...

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An Easter Octave Guide for Catholic Families

Alleluia! Christ is risen!

Instead of one day of Easter, Catholics enjoy eight octave days of feasting. Sustained partying requires careful planning and self-pacing to avoid merriment burnout. Follow this guide with your family to maximize... Read more at the National Catholic Register

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Homeschooling in Community? | Interview with Dee-dee Mihaliak of Adoro Te

Start a Homeschool Co-op? What does it take to homeschool in community? If I teach my children art, will they grow up to be starving artists? Erika interviews Dee-dee Mihaliak, classical homeschooler, lover of the arts, and driving force behind Adoro Te, a CT-based Catholic homeschooling coop going ...

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Its Time to Build That Library

I ban books.

In my 15-year reign as queen of the house, I have exercised with Draconian vigilance my right to decide what literature my children will and will not encounter. Amazon, controlling a measly 80% of the market at most, has nothing on my market share, which is 100%.

Parents know wh...

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The Family is the Front Line in the Battle for Truth

The primary purpose of parenting is to educate our children in the truth, to give them a formation in virtue that will free them to follow Jesus Christ. As parents, our task is to raise our children to love God — who is absolute truth and goodness and beauty — in an age when most of their peers... R...

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8 Ideas for a Family Lent 2021

Lent 2021 is around the corner and, for many families, it may feel like we never actually left Lent 2020. But the Church doesn’t “cancel” Lent during hard times any more than it cancels Christmas or Easter. Our human lives, with their patterns of love, sin, joy and sorrow, carry on day by day and so...

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In the Body of the Church, Each Vocation Strengthens All Vocations

I’ve been blessed with the friendship of many women espoused to Christ in the consecrated life. We have in our lives several Nashville Dominicans, some cloistered Dominicans, and a Servidora, all of whom I knew first as bright young things in college. We discerned together, and our mutual desire to ...

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A Day in the Life - Holy Week Edition! | Verity Ed Catholic Moms Club | At Home Holy Week Traditions

How we do HOLY WEEK as a Catholic homeschooling family! Learn about SPY WEDNESDAY, how to make an Altar of Repose for Holy Thursday, how to conduct a Veneration of the Cross, and make Holy Saturday HOLY. All things Catholic culture getting ready for Easter in the Domestic Church. Build a family cult...

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DAulaires' Biographies 60 Sec Book Review | Best Books for Classical Homeschooling

READ D’Aulaires’ Biographies TO YOUR KIDS (Large Immersive Books, Stunning Illustrations, Historical Legends, Accessible to Children) | Your kids will be enthralled by the beautiful illustrations and they will enjoy stories about famous historical figures. Ingri & Edgar Parin D’Aulaire masterful...

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Day in the Life: Volcano Science | Fun Homeschooling "Lab" Science

Fun homeschooling science you can do. Make science engaging for all ages -- Pre-K to middle school! Mix art, history, and science into one activity that the kids can get excited about -- and get outside. 

Baking Soda Volcano:

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My High School Homeschool: TECH Ed | How to Prepare Your Student for a World of BIG TECH 

HOMESCHOOL HIGH SCHOOL: What does Tech Education look like in high school? | Prepare for STEM and lifelong learning. Classical. High School. Student-driven.


Code Academy: 

Faith, Science, Reason Videos on YouTube:

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St. George & the Dragon 60 Sec Book Review | Best Books for Classical Homeschooling

READ St. George and the Dragon TO YOUR KIDS (Stunning Illustrations, Fairy Tale, A Story of Heroism) | Your kids will be amazed by the beautiful illustrations and they will love the morals woven through this galloping story. Author Margaret Hodges masterfully adapts a beloved story and Tina Schart H...

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St. Patricks Day | Day in the Life: Celebrate St. Patrick with Your Kids

#homeschooling #stpatricksday #dayinthelife

St. Patrick was awesome! Enjoy some fun St. Patrick stories, coloring, and activities with your kids this St. Patrick’s day. Homeschooling is the best!


St. Patrick Coloring Page Available on Patreon:

Saints: Li...

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Today I am sharing a day in my life as a classical homeschooling mom of 6 -- toddler to teen! I hope this video blesses and encourages you. It’s taken time to settle into our routine, but if we can do it, so can YOU! 


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My High School Homeschool: History & Lit | How to Keep Your Student on Track: History & Literature

HOMESCHOOL HIGH SCHOOL: Coaching on History  Literature | Ideas for resources. My reviews of the top programs and building my own homeschooling program. How do I find time for great discussions and writing coaching? And what role does history play in becoming a lifelong learner? And should I tr...

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You CAN Homeschool High School SCIENCE! | How to Keep Your Student on Track in Science

HOMESCHOOL HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE: How do I do SCIENCE for high school? | My reviews of the top homeschooling programs and building my own science curriculum. What about labs? Do we have to dissect crayfish in my sink? Prepare for STEM and lifelong learning. Classical. High School. Student-driven.


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DAulaires Norse Myths 60 Sec Book Review | Best Books for Classical Homeschooling

EXPLORE D’Aulaires' Norse Myths WITH YOUR KIDS (Stunning Illustrations, Norse Mythology, Gritty and Medieval) | Your kids, particularly your boys, will be enraptured by the stark illustrations and drawn into the stories. The D’Aulaires' are master storytellers and illustrators and you get sense of t...

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What WE USE for THEOLOGY in High School | Learn the KEY ELEMENTS for faith formation 

OUR HIGH SCHOOL THEOLOGY CURRICULUM (Raising Catholic Kids in a Non-Catholic World) | Find out what programs I use. How do we go “beyond the book”? Should I really tell my kids what to think about religion? Why theology is AS IMPORTANT as any of the STEM subjects in high school. Resources for teachi...

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Homeschooling Intellectual Special Needs | Margaret Walsh of Secret Garden Educational Pathways

Support for Homeschooling Intellectual Special Needs (It is possible!) | Erika interviews Margaret Walsh, the founder of Secret Garden Educational Pathways, which provides online, Catholic, professional, individualized education therapy, supporting students with intellectual and learning challenges....

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