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I’m Erika, and there has never been a more exciting time to think “outside the box” in education! My passion is to give other parents the tools to educate life-long learners--children who have time to be free, to play, to enthuse, to encounter the world, and to learn how to learn more. 

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Erika Ahern

Wife to Todd and mom to six beautiful people, I am a senior educational and administrative consultant with over 8 years experience in alternative education administration and admissions, 14 years teaching experience, and 15 years experience in home school and hybrid education. I have written curricula and lesson plans for all levels and in multiple disciplines, such as science, art, music, language arts, foreign language, writing, history, theology, and literature. I have also provided one-on-one consulting for teachers, home school parents, parents considering home school, and students. Finally, I have 8 years experience in online and in-person teacher and administrator training in a variety of mediums: webinars, online courses and assessments, and in-person large and small groups. 

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Your Children Can Thrive

Home schooling offers so many benefits for your children and your family. 

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Children who love to learn
Children who aren't stuck behind a desk
Children who know and love their siblings
Children who love to share

Let's Do This!

If you have been thinking about home schooling or have been home schooling for a long time and wonder why you’re burning out or angry at your kids or why they are stagnating, then read on. I truly believe that home education -- in its many forms -- can be the best option for families who want to:

  • Redefine educational goals

  • Break out of current educational systems

  • Succeed at mastering the knowledge and skills YOU want

  • Teach your children to be good, compassionate, and life-long learners

  • Raise children who are self-motivated and curious

  • Bring meaningful order into the home

  • Have more free time together

If that describes you, welcome to your best life! I believe this is possible for every family who wants it, because I’ve spent 15 years watching and coaching all sizes and shapes of families home educate. 

That’s where Verity Ed comes in with vlogs, printable resources, curriculum content, book reviews, and more! Please take a look around, sign-up for my free eBook, and let me know how I can support you in reclaiming education. My informational materials aim to be simple, to-the-point, and the perfect blend of pep-talk with praxis!