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Welcome to Verity Ed

There has never been a more exciting time to take charge of your children's education! My passion is to help parents educate their children to be life-long learners -- children who have time to be free, to play, to enthuse, to encounter the world, and to learn how to learn. Check out my blogtutorials, resource reviews, printables, podcasts, and Catholic moms club. Subscribe to Verity Ed on Youtube and social media or find out more about us.


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Thinking about home schooling? Feeling home school burn-out? 

Not sure which home schooling approach is best for your family? Need encouragement?

Verity Ed offers a full library of free videos, podcasts, and printables to support you in your homeschool journey. Check us out on Youtube!


What Do You Need?

We work with families at every stage of the home schooling process, from early exploration to taking the plunge to tweaking things that aren't quite working. We encourage you to check out our free resources, book a consult, or find out more about who we are and what Verity Ed offers.

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Erika has more wisdom and intelligence in regards to education and homeschooling than any other person I know.  I’ve known her for over 15 years and can attest to her expertise and qualifications in this realm, as well as her kindness, encouragement, and understanding.  

Due to the pandemic, we did pure homeschooling this year for my 4 oldest.  Erika helped me design a tailored curriculum for each of my children.  She patiently listened to my desires, differing educational needs, and worked to construct a curriculum for each child that maximizes their potential and mine.  The result is a dazzling education that we are all thrilled with.  ~  Kathyrn, Mom of 5


I have been soaking up Erika's wisdom for ten years! It is so clear that many in education have lowered expectations of not only what children are capable of but what our children will enjoy.  Erika sees our children differently than the culture does!

She believes that it is possible to provide our children with a rich education that is full of truth and beauty - even in this culture that presents them with dumbed down literature, history and religion.  If you want more for your children but feel overwhelmed or incapable of providing a simple and timeless homeschool - give her a call!  Emily, Mom of 5 

Christine Myers, Director of Religion Formation

Dear Erika, I’m grateful for your work serving families... [Y]our focus on family culture is essential to the renewal of the Church in our times and provides the key we need to passing on the faith to the next generation. Your insight into the personal nature of transforming family culture and the balance you strike among the essential elements of that culture — priorities, financial planning, solid human relationships, communal and personal prayer, secular and religious education at home, and the importance of mentor families who can show a new way of life and give practical help to families wanting to change their home life. Each element is important, making possible and reinforcing the other elements. At the same time, your respect and concern for all families is evident. You combine love for the beautiful Catholic Tradition (and traditions) with an attentive and respectful love for all families, no matter where they may be in living the Faith. Blessings ~ Christine Myers, Director of Religion Formation for the Diocese of Tulsa




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About Us

Erika Ahern

I am a senior educational and administrative consultant with 8+ years experience in alternative education administration and admissions, and 14+ years in home schooling, hybrid education, and teaching. 

I have written curricula and lesson plans for multiple levels and disciplines -- science, art, music, language, writing, history, theology, and literature. I have also provided one-on-one consulting for teachers, parents, and students. 

Finally, I have extensive experience in teacher and administrator training; webinars, online courses and assessments, and in-person groups. 

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